Costa Mesa, California

Thomas Aquinas College

B.A. in Liberal Arts

Isabel Cacho

The daughter of devout Catholic parents, Isabel was blessed to learn about God at an early age. She continued to be surrounded by a faith-affirming community when she attended St. Thomas Aquinas College. Isabel has served as the secretary and taught Catechism at her local parish, participated in Thomas Aquinas Students for Life, worked as a student librarian, and volunteered in her local community. She has always had a desire to pursue truth, which led her to study the Great Books curriculum in college. She looks forward to the John Jay Fellows Program as a way to focus her studies in the realm of politics, especially with regard to current political issues. In addition to a strong calling to marriage and motherhood, Isabel has an interest in pursuing constitutional law and a commitment to the pro-life movement.

Civil Liberty consists, not in a right of every man to do just what he pleases, but it consists in an equal right to all citizens to have, enjoy and do, in peace, security and without molestation, whatever equal constitutional laws of the country admit to be consistent with the public good."
John Jay, Charge to the Grand Jury, April 4, 1790